Writing brief template

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Writing brief template

Kaleigh Moore
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This writing brief template gathers all the important details you need before diving into a new writing assignment, so you and your partners are on the same page.

I've been a full-time freelance writer for 10 years, working with clients like Stripe, Shopify, and AT&T. This is the writing brief template I still use to this day with each and every client. And now I'm sharing it with you.

This writing brief template is for you if:

  • You're struggling to integrate a solid process into your writing work.
  • You want to spend less time managing rounds and rounds of edits.
  • You spend WAY too much time trying to explain exactly what's needed/expected when you're assigned a new topic to write about.
  • You want to take the lead on projects and implement a tried and trusted process and workflow.
  • You're tired of having to be on multiple phone calls that go nowhere.

Who it's for:

  • Freelance writers looking to optimize their writing process
  • Editorial leads looking to templatize the briefing process for greater efficiency and less time spent editing

What it does:

This template helps you stay on track, cuts down on the time you spend editing, and makes first drafts look like a final draft.

Whether you’re assigning a writing project to a team member/freelancer or you’re the writer in need of clear direction, you have to know what to ask for (and what to include) in a writing brief.

This template lays it all out in a simple, customizable document.

“This template provides such a clean, simple, and effective way to cover everything a creative needs to know as they work on an project. It clarifies exactly what you need to deliver without overwhelming you and will make the whole writing process smoother and faster.” - Laura Barrera, freelance writer

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Use this shortcut to speed up your writing work and to collaborate more efficiently.

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